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Boosting creative entrepreneurship through creative-based urban strategies

The partner cities from this Implementation network have a common need to improve the implementation of their existing integrated urban strategies and action plans by including new approaches linked to creative and cultural industries (CCI) – creative places, people, and businesses. The joint policy challenge for the network is to better facilitate the above 'creative ecosystem' to be able to attract (more) creative entrepreneurs and boost creative entrepreneurship in dedicated urban areas, this comprises activities that create economic value through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property. A city is able to mobilise ideas, talents and creative organisations when it knows how to foster a creative milieu by identifying, nurturing, attracting and sustaining talent. Local governments all over the world are increasingly becoming aware of the CCI’s potential to generate jobs, wealth, and cultural engagement.


Phase 1 kick-off
Phase 2 kick-off
Phase 2 development
Final event

Operational Implementation Framework

Within an Implementation network, the Operational Implementation Framework is a local output, specific to each city, produced within the URBACT Local Group. It is the final product that describes the challenges project partners have faced when implementing their plan, what approach was used to overcome them and the lessons learnt from the process. In a nutshell, this document includes the description of the context and specific barriers keeping cities to reach successful implementation, alongside the capabilities, tools, skills and methods that were developed and how they come together. At last, it captures the knowledge that the partners had either acquired or deemed as necessary throughout their URBACT journey, providing a consistent framework to tackle future projects.