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Volunteers connect cities, from compassion to action

This Transfer network makes use of Volunteerism to approach social exclusion and poverty at the community level. Focus is given to an inter-generational collaboration where different age groups of both volunteers and individuals facing social problems work towards a sustainable evolution of the quality of life within local society. The network aims at structuring the volunteering activity giving validity to a bottom up approach, where volunteers can decide and implement actions.
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Kick-off meeting (May), Transnational Meeting (August), End of Phase 1, Beginning of Phase 2
Transnational Meetings (February, March, June, October, December)
Capacity Building, Workshops
Transnational Meetings (February, March), Final Conference, URBACT City Festival

Learning Logs

Transfer cities had ups and downs when understanding, adapting, re-using and even improving URBACT Good Practices. STAY TUNED TO CHECK ALL LEARNING LOGS, documents sharing the knowledge and lessons learnt al local level that will be AVAILABLE SOON.
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  • Altena
  • Radlin
  • Capizzi city
  • Altea
  • Arcos de Valdevez
  • Pregrada
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