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URBACT at URBAN FUTURE Global Conference (UFGC), in Vienna (AT)

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27 February 2018
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Passionate City Changers from all over the world meet in Vienna: The URBAN FUTURE Global Conference (UFGC), one of Europe’s largest events for sustainable cities, takes place from 28 February to 2 March 2018 in Vienna. Committed City Changers – people who sustainably alter the face of our cities with their ideas and dedication – will share their experiences of how to develop the city of the future.

The conference will cover in 57 sessions various topics ranging from Climate Action, Sustainable Building, Mobility to Making Change Happen and Leadership in Cities.

You can find URBACT on the conference grounds in the EXPO area.

There you will have a chance to meet representatives from the URBACT Secretariat, Nuala Morgan, Capitalisation and Communication Head of Unit and Kristian Radojcic, Networking Officer as well as URBACT Experts and URBACT City representatives.

Within the session’s programme, you can also hear more about URBACT thanks to:

  • Ania Rok, URBACT Programme Expert. Ania is moderating the debate on 467,000 premature deaths in Europe: Tackling the air quality crisis in cities on 28 February at 9:00

Representatives from URBACT Cities will introduce their Good Practices and Networks:

Mayors and Deputy Mayors from URBACT cities will also be present such as:


  • Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto (PT). Porto is partner of In Focus and 2nd Chance. He will speak on How to lead change in your city, on 28 February at 11:00 in Room Strauss 3
  • José Ballesta, Mayor of Murcia (ES), URBACT Good Practice City with Integrated and participative urban regeneration. He speaks on 28 February at 16:00 during the session Sustainable Districts: how to develop them and make them successful in room STRAUSS1.
  • Tjasa Ficko, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana (SL). Ljubljana has two URBACT Good Practices: Bringing Citizens Closer to the Mayor and the Bee Path. She will speak on 28 February at 16:00 during the session How to Make People Change their behaviour in room STOLZ1.
  • Thomas Kastrup Larsen, Mayor of Aalborg (DK), which has developed the Good Practice holistic urban regeneration. He will speak on Skills to change the world and deal with frustrations, on 2 March at 11:00 in room STRAUSS3
  • Rio Ricardo, Mayor of Braga (PT), partner city of Boostinno. You will hear him in the session How New Production band Jobs are (and will be) Shaping Cities, at 9:00 on 1 March in room STOLZ2
  • Daniël Termont, Mayor of Ghent (BE) and President of Eurocities. Ghent has developed policies to welcome migrants with the Good Practice Refugee Solidarity. He is speaking at the official opening of #UFGC18, on 28 February at 14:00.
  • Enric Serra del Castillo, Director of Urban Planning, City of Viladecans (ES), a Good Practice City with Education, innovation, research. He will speak on Retrofitting Energy Efficiency: How to pimp-up existing building stock, on 2 March at 14:00 in room SCHUBERT 3
  • Pawel Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdansk (PL). Gdansk is URBACT Good Practice with So Stay Hotel. Pawel Adamowicz speaks on 28 February at 16:00 on Citizens engagement: how to make sure people don’t feel left behind in room STRAUSS 2.

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