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Tackling long term decline in smaller cities

Re-growCity Transfer network focuses on the development of interventions that built on local capabilities to arrest and reverse long term social, economic and environmental decline. Altena has a track record of recognised good practices that facilitate the development of sustainable initiatives with a minimum of external resource input. This network will support partners to revitalise public services and the economy, regenerate the urban fabric and develop civil society in a context of long term decline.


Kick-off meeting

Learning Logs

Transfer cities had ups and downs when understanding, adapting, re-using and even improving URBACT Good Practices. STAY TUNED TO CHECK ALL LEARNING LOGS, documents sharing the knowledge and lessons learnt al local level that will be AVAILABLE SOON.
  • Altena
  • Manresa
  • Idrija
  • Igoumenitsa
  • Isernia
  • Melgaço
  • Aluksne
  • Nyírbátor