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7 Thematic Networks have been given the Fast Track Label by the European Commission

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09 October 2017
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"The Fast Track Label constitute a specific tool used in the framework of the "Regions for Economic Change" initiative, the new feature of the 2007-2013 funding programmes proposed by the European Commission."

"After the examination of the applications by the European Commission, 7 URBACT Thematic Networks have obtained the Fast Track label:

  • UNIC (Lead Partner : Limoges – France)
  • Open Cities (Lead Partner: Belfast – UK)
  • Hero (Lead Partner: Regensburg – Germany)
  • ReGov (Lead Partner: Duisburg – Germany)
  • Building Healthy Communities (Lead Partner: Turin – Italy)
  • MILE (Pilote Fast Track launched during URBACT I) (Lead Partner: Venice – Italy)
  • URBAMECO (Pilote Fast Track launched during URBACT I) (Lead Partner: Grand Lyon - France)

The European Commission "Regions for Economic Change" initiative fosters identification and dissemination of good practices in the sphere of economic modernisation, growth and job creation, as well as the inclusion of innovative policies into European mainstream programmes. The Commission grants the Fast Track Label to Thematic Networks which develop a strong participation on the part of Managing Authorities of operational programmes, and which address one of the seven priority areas under "Regions for Economic Change":

  • Managing immigration and facilitating social integration;
  • Integrating marginalised youth;
  • Making healthy communities;
  • Designing integrated policies on urban transport;
  • Developing sustainable and energy-efficient housing;
  • Achieving sustainable urban development;
  • Re-using brownfield and waste disposal sites.

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