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Improving the social dimension in process of urban regeneration

The Good Practice to be transferred through the URBAN REGENERATION MIX Transfer network is a collaborative city model that increases the participation of city residents, promotes their equal involvement and strengthens relations between the main stakeholders in urban regeneration processes. The network will focus on the study, identification and application of key success factors that bring back life to degraded urban areas and help to realise the potential of their inhabitants.

We invite you to spent some time under our large Tree of Inspiration and find new strength to act and grow bigger in your cities - include, integrate and build active neighbourhoods. Your guide in this adventure will be Piotr Wołkowiński - Lead Expert of the Urban-Regeneration-Mix network.)
Scan the QR code from our Tree of Inspiration with your phone and listen to the podcasts, or look directly at the Website (click here) where you can find all the recordings.

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Phase I Kick-off meeting Łódź.
Phase II Kick-off meeting Łódź 21-23 Januray / Transnational meeting Zagreb 02-04 April / Transnational meeting Toulouse 17-19 June / Transnational meeting Łódź 17-19 September/ Mid-term reviev &Transnational meeting Bologna 10-12 December
Transnational meeting Braga 3-5 March/ Concluding Network Exchange and Learning seminar Birmingham 20-22 October (online meeting)
URM Final Virtual Conference: Let's do it together - How to revitalisea city with its residents? 20-21 May

Learning Logs

Transfer cities had ups and downs when understanding, adapting, re-using and even improving URBACT Good Practices. STAY TUNED TO CHECK ALL LEARNING LOGS, documents sharing the knowledge and lessons learnt al local level that will be AVAILABLE SOON.
  • Łódź
  • Baena
  • Birmingham
  • Zagreb
  • Braga
  • Bologna
  • Toulouse Métropole