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PREVENT has "alliuminated" the last URBACT Summer University

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06 February 2015
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The last URBACT Summer University in Dublin last August gave to a lot of members of URBACT Local Support Groups the opportunity to meet together and to work concretely on the elaboration of a Local Action Plan for the fictitious city of Allium.

The URBACT Summer University has created a fruitful dynamic between participants providing new contacts. It also gave a chance to appropriate tools in a participative approach about key problems, key actors, the kind of chance and results which are expected, the way to do and the global coherence.
Eight PREVENT partners attented the meeting gathering 17 persons. It shows the mobilization of the network. They were of course in the two mains themes of youth and human capital. Some of them got the awards for their production. All were so closed to get it.

Evis (Stockholm) exchanging with Truus (the Hague)

The PREVENT partners organized during the session an informal steering committee particularly to exchange about transferability, which is the central topic of our 3th transnational meeting, and the involvement of elected people next time in the Hague at the end of November.

Irena (Sofia) with the "mayor" of Allium

During a plenary session : Pat (Antwerp) and Tereza (Usti)...

Jop (The Hague) and Meelis (Tallin)...

...Anita (Gijon)