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EVUE - Electric Vehicles in Urban Environment : The Green Solution

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09 October 2017
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‘Our Cities and Our Regions are Our Future - The Green Solution’ is the new video produced by the Committee of the Region (CoR) to present the experience and the role of European cities and regions on energy efficiency and sustainable development at the Rio +20 conference.  

The video reminds that cities must be at the forefront of the efficiency of European societies and shows that they often are. The experiences of the URBACT project EVUE is at the core of the video, with an interview of Sally Kneeshaw, the lead expert of the project, in Westminster.

At the conference, the CoR argued that "our earth needs all levels of government, including local and regional, to engage for a transition towards responsible and sustainable development". This belief is shared by many URBACT cities, who are working on energy efficiency and sustainable development, on top of the partners of EVUE.

Project Active Travel Network, led by the city of Weiz (Austria), aims at tackling transport problems by promoting walking and cycling in small and medium size cities; CASH looks at ways to ensure sustainable housing; and LINKS sees in the renewal of old European cities as a key for sustainability. The new project “Sustainable food for urban communities” will focus on innovative initiatives for more sustainable food production, retail and consumption in urban communities.

You can have your say and bring your experience to other URBACT cities by answering to our calls for evidence on building energy efficiency or on giving your opinion on urban mobility on the URBACT Blog!

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