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Why should we all eat organic?

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03 February 2022
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Why should we all consume more organic products? Together with the French researcher and expert Denis Lairon, we have discussed the main benefits of organic on human health as well as its impact on climate and environment 

How would you answer, if you were asked to agree or disagree with the following statements? 

  • To fight Climate Change, it is better to buy food from a local producer than buying food from an organic producer that comes from far away
  • The organic certification system tends to reduce biodiversity 
  • Organic certification guarantees a better nutritional quality 
  • Organic consumers eat the same as before, but in organic form
  • There is no evidence that eating organic is better for your health 
  • The Residual Pesticide Level is calculated so that it does not harm human health
  • Eating Organic reduces breast cancer in premenopausal women 
  • Governments cannot recommend the population to eat organic 
  • Focus on organic food is a french Specificity 

in BioCanteens#2 we have asked our partners and participants to react and our starting point was a high variety of divergent opinions: 

We debated for two hours and showed scientifically proven data demonstrating the real positive impact of eating organic, on people and planet. 

It is undeniable that organic products preserve the health of soil, biodiversity, and hearth. It is confirmed that increasing the portion of organic food in your diets reduces the risk of diseases and improves nutritional intake. 

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