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ULG Views, Nagykanizsa

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24 August 2022
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URBACT Local Groups are key in the construction of partner cities’ Investment Plans & Springboard Plan. They represent the different stakeholders, members from the community, local government, and the private sector, that could make the successful transfer of Vilawatt’s relevant pillars.

I am László Cziráki, the Chairman-CEO of the Dél-Zalai Víz-és Csatornamű Zrt. (South Zala County Water and WW Services PLC).

1. What is your role in the project?

I am the leader of a local partner organisation.

2. In your opinion, how an the Vilawatt UTM network contribute to your town?

Once the project is planes and implemented successfully, the energy use may become more reasonable and sustainable here, in our town. Our company is also seriously affected as we consume a really significant amount of electricity and at the same time we use a large amount of gas to heat our buildings. It is essential to make electricity use reasonable and effective.We are trying to carry out more and more investments and renovations in which we look for similar energy-efficient solutions in order to significantly reduce energy use and the cost of energy use at the company.

3. What do you think the main strength of the town is in setting up this project?

The town has excellent geographical features and d its geographical location is favourable. As for water supply, the location of the town is also excellent as the River Mura is located less than 20 km away from the town and it provides healthy drinking water currently in the town. I believe that a cooperation will emerge on town level so that this project could be realised and the municipality, the municipal authorities and the companies operating here will benefit from the project after its implementation.

4. How do you think a project like the Vilawatt UTM can improve the life of the citizens?

We do hope that a significant cooperation will emerge and workplaces will be established. At the same time, the companies will make their energy use more reasonable and will be able to work in a more cost-effective way and the colleagues will also experience this. Apart from this, we hope that the inhabitants will also feel that maybe they will get energy at a more favourable price.