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Recovery and revitalization of the old Simón Ruíz Hospital

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23 August 2022
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The "star project" of the Medina del Campo City Council for its economic development is the recovery and revitalization of the old Simón Ruíz Hospital. The objective is to turn it into an Economic Development Center that can act as a locomotive for local development in the Tierras de Medina region. Together with the physical space that the building represents, Medina del Campo decided to create an online platform that could help promote activities and launch online education as a Business School.

During the different ULG meetings that took place online during 2020 and 2021, due to the restrictions generated by the pandemic, the need arose to promote training according to the socioeconomic needs of the city. The participants in the work groups detected that the young people who studied in Medina did not find professional opportunities because their training did not adjust to what the territory demanded. Likewise, a lack of interest and knowledge about entrepreneurship on the part of young people was highlighted, which, on the other hand, could be an alternative for self-employment and achieving sustainable jobs.

In response to this need, the ULG participants proposed "online training pills". Above all, according to the needs that existed at the time in relation to the mobility limitations caused by COVID19. In this context, an online training is proposed. Likewise, it is proposed that the training could be promoted with the support of the companies that exist in Medina del Campo and that the companies themselves and other socioeconomic agents of Medina del Campo would contribute to the definition of the different training contents.

This idea was being used in the successive meetings of the ULG until it was finally proposed as a possible small-scale action. This is because it could be considered a short-term action and could easily fall within the project standards in terms of budget, monitoring, etc. The initiative was approved by the members of the ULG and specifically, the company Mares Virtuales, which is a member of the ULG and is currently the manager of the virtual platform of the Simón Ruíz Center for Economic Development, was the one who coordinated the initiative.

For this, it was agreed that a first course on entrepreneurship would be launched, "Learn to Entrepreneur". This course focused on five main topics: keys to entrepreneurship, where to find our business, communication of our business, how to work on the brand of our business or the search for financing. This course would fulfill the idea of the training pills and evaluate the possibility that it could be a sustainable initiative, to be promoted on the digital platform of the Simón Ruíz Economic Development Center.

The Learn to Entrepreneur course had the support of different members of the ULG who worked on defining the content, the videos, etc. In addition, more than 2,230 people were awared about the course through social networks. Of which, more than 150 people registered for the course and successfully completed it. Currently, the needs for online activities are no longer the same as during the period of mobility restrictions caused by COVID19 and many experts say that a wide range of online courses and activities has been generated that are difficult to cover. However, the City Council of Medina del Campo will bet on a good definition of what training it intends to promote and, above all, on collaboration with the different agents in order to be more efficient and achieve a greater impact.