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How to create visions within an URBACT network

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17 February 2015
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We are in 2020, visiting concrete sustainable food initiatives in 5 cities and interviewing local representatives. How has their food system become more sustainable? And what has the URBACT Network contributed?

On 31 May 2012, projecting themselves into 2020, the five initial partners pretend to look back at what they will have achieved thanks to the URBACT network during the eight years following the project kick-off.

They are voicing concrete visions of how their city’s food system will become more sustainable… and how the URBACT network will support them in making it happen.

Stephanie Mantell, Brussels 2020
Daniela Catanoso, Messina 2020

Dorothy Greaves, Bristol 2020

Marianne Karstens, Amersfoort 2020

Yannis Evmolpidis, Athens 2020