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Grosuplje finished summer in a joyful way

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01 September 2022
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In July and August 2022 the Municipality of Grosuplje organized two free rollerblading courses.


by Živa Vertič



The Municipality of Grosuplje organized two free rollerblading courses – one in July and one in August - for children and adults. For each course, Grosuplje opened 40 free spots (together 80). The courses lasted for 5 days, from Monday until Friday for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


As expected, most spots were filled with children. The primary intention of the course was to offer people - who do not go anywhere during the summer holidays - something fun and active. But in the end, it turned into much more.


Children spent time in the fresh air, interacting with their peers, learning a new skill through play, having fun, and being active.


Different shapes and colors of props helped 4 rollerblading teachers to keep the children's attention. Teachers draw with chalk numerous polygons to develop skills and to have fun.


At the end of each course, parents were invited to see what their kids learned. Children got a rollerblading diploma and a playful gift – frisbee, playing cards, and colorful chalk.


Now the Municipality of Grosuplje can pride itself on new rollerbladers and some semi-professionals.