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URBACT II Capitalisation: Cities of Tomorrow, Action Today - How cities can motivate mobility mindsets

This paper from the URBACT workstream ‘Motivating mobility mindsets’ focuses on the ways in which cities can facilitate the transition to a new urban mobility, which is more fundamentally linked to the quality of space, to a new mindset, and is built on integration between policy priorities and multi-stakeholder buy-in. New mobility solutions for the Cities of Tomorrow will have to be found through a ‘do-more-with-less’ strategy. By optimising the use of existing infrastructure and building on tried and tested solutions, cities can develop local policies that provide sound mobility choices. Above all, encouraging change in the way citizens and businesses move around requires the ability to motivate mindsets in planners, professionals and inhabitants alike, to adopt innovations that can make the city greener, cleaner and more liveable. Governance for sustainable mobility must be underpinned by a welldeveloped notion and a shared understanding of what mobility means. This must put the human dimension at the heart of strategy – a change which can result in rescaling infrastructure and investment. This concept of mobility mindsets provides the best basis for developing strategies and informing decisions about investment in cities.

Carbon neutrality
Energy efficiency
Urban mobility


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