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Call for Support for Gender Equal Cities

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25 November 2021
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This call is now closed

URBACT is looking for a service provider to support the knowledge-sharing and capacity-building activities related to gender equality.

Gender Equal Cities is an initiative that grew from the URBACT Knowledge Hub with the aim to raise awareness of gender-based inequalities at a local level and highlight how cities can take action.

As preparations for URBACT IV (2022-2027) are ongoing, URBACT is committed to improving the awareness and inclusion of gender equality in the working methods of all URBACT actors.

In this critical year, URBACT is looking for a team to deliver tasks related to two strands of URBACT activities:

Knowledge Hub:

  • Update of the Gender Equal Cities report
  • Events to raise awareness on gender equality in urban policies
  • Community management


  • Develop a training curriculum to support cities to integrate a gender perspective into the design and implementation of urban policies
  • Possible delivery of training modules, during in-person or online training sessions

You can find more information about this call here.

Applications must be sent via e-mail to the URBACT Secretariat at the following addresses: Alice FAUVEL, Clémentine GRAVIER, and Thierry PICQUART

Deadline to apply: 1 October 2021 18.00 CET.