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Call for Expertise: Resourcing & Funding

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10 May 2021
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This call is now closed

URBACT is looking for an expert or a team of up-to-two experts to support the development of a Capacity-Building Support Package with focus on Resourcing and Funding of Integrated Action Plans.

URBACT is looking for a service provider to, in particular:

  • Draft a written, tangible and practice-oriented guidance on Resourcing & Funding specifically targeted for cities wishing to attract investment in integrated plans.
  • Design a set of tools in line with the guidance to support URBACT practitioners in relation to funding and finance.
  • Design & deliver of a curriculum for online and physical training modules, based on the guidance and tools.

Please refer to the detailed information about this call here.


Applications must be sent via e-mail to the URBACT Secretariat by 3 May 2021 to Clémentine Gravier, Capacity Building Officer, and Thierry Picquart, Head of Unit - Administration and Coordination.