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Call for an evaluator: URBACT III Impact Evaluation

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11 October 2021
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This call is now closed

The conclusions of this evaluation will be used for the next generation of the cooperation programme for the period 2021-2027 (URBACT IV).

The objective of the impact evaluation is to assess the effects of the programme on its targets in relation with its 4 specific objectives, to identify whether positive changes can be attributed to the programmes activities, to explain with which mechanisms these changes were precisely produced and to describe the factors which foster or limit them.
The impact evaluation should give some additional suggestions on where the URBACT strengths lie and what might be improved or developed in another way; the answer to the evaluation questions (see 2.2) will also help to identify how URBACT activities should evolve in the future to assure complementarity with the European Urban Initiative.
The targets of this evaluation are the direct beneficiaries (cities and public authorities in urban areas)4 to which URBACT III offers a comprehensive package of Networking, Capacity building, Capitalisation & Communication activities as well as the other urban actors.

You can find the Terms of Reference for this call here.


The deadline for receipt of applications is 8 October 2021 at noon (GMT + 1). Applications shall be sent by the deadline via e-mail to the URBACT Secretariat at the following address: