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Call for applicants - Expertise support for the evaluation of the URBACT III Programme

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25 June 2019
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This call is now closed

The Evaluation Plan was approved the 11th of December 2015 by the URBACT Monitoring Committee. It foresees two main evaluations. The present call for applicants only concerns the implementation evaluation, not the impact evaluation.

1.The main actors of the evaluation in URBACT are:

  • The Joint Secretariat
  • The Evaluation Steering Group
  • The Monitoring Committee
  • Local actors


2. Evaluation objective and scope

The purpose of the present call for applicants is to provide an evaluator for the implementation evaluation of the URBACT III Programme. The objective is to get from this evaluator an independent view on the relevance, the efficiency and the effectiveness of the programme, which will cover: 

  • The design, management and implementation at programme level
  • The progress in implementing the projects with regards to networking, capacity building and capitalisation activities
  • The implementation of the communication strategy

3. The tasks of the evaluator will be:

  • To review and if necessary to further sharpen and focus the evaluation questions; if necessary to add evaluation questions
  • To describe for each module its methodology of work in response to the evaluation questions
  • To identify the data needed in addition to the data provided by the Secretariat
  • To propose additional evaluation tools (such as survey questionnaires, focus groups, interview, etc.) if needed
  • To prepare qualitative and quantitative analysis of outputs
  • To identify based on the answers collected by the URBACT Secretariat if there are bottlenecks or quality issues linked with the organisation of the programme and make proposals if necessary
  • To respond to the evaluation questions of the modules B and C of the implementation evaluation with concrete recommendations

4. Timetable and deliverables

The Programme Evaluation is planned in 2018 and 2019 with an interim report integrated in the annual implementation report to be submitted by 30 June 2019 and a final report feeding into the annual implementation report for 2020.

The following documents will be delivered:

  • An inception report will be presented 6-8 weeks after a kick-off meeting with the Joint Secretariat
  • A first interim report will be presented end of June 2018 in an early stage of the work
  • A second interim report to be presented during the first quarter of 2019
  • A final report to be presented at the end of 2019

5. Application

Prerequisites and service provider profile:

  • Consultant or consulting firm
  • Good understanding of URBACT
  • At least 5 years of experience in working on evaluation of European Programmes
  • Good knowledge of urban issues and experience of working with cities
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Proven proficiency in written and spoken English

Applications shall include the following:

  • A note (4-5 pages) on how the applicant understands the task and the evaluation challenges and on the proposed methodology financial offer including the fees per day, the budget repartition and the overall budget
  • A detailed resume in English, using the Europass format
  • A signed cover letter in English outlining why the candidate is suitable to carry out the evaluation, main experience with regard to evaluation of European programmes in particular ETC programmes (work samples to be provided) and urban issues and previous work with cities

Applications  shall  be  sent via  e-mail  to  the  URBACT  Secretariat  at  the following addresses: and no later than Wednesday 24 January 2018 noon (GMT +1)


More information about the call can be found HERE