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4th Transnational Meeting in Igualada, Spain. Learnig, play and emotions

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19 July 2022
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The 4th Transnational Meeting was held in Igualada, Spain, from 7 to 9 July. The delegations of all the Project partners participated for the first time all together in presence to share the different experiences and plan the future actions of Playful Paradigm II in their territories.


Sometimes the best experiences are unexpected. This is what happened to all the participants in the 4th transnational meeting in Igualada. The mix of interesting events and the extraordinary welcome of the local Partners and the different figures of their municipalities have created an event that is not only highly educational but also exciting. Everyone perceived the essence of URBACT projects which is to make us feel European citizens and people who are committed to cooperating to improve the livability of our cities.


The days were held at a very dynamic pace, as is the nature of the Catalans, starting with the welcome of Ileana Toscano, Lead Expert and the local councilors who accompanied the group to the visit of the playroom, where a moved curator illustrated the work to make the municipal structure a "live lab" through the scheduling of events inside and outside the structure.


The following morning, after a balloon flight that strengthened the team-building and demonstrated the high organizational capacity of the guests, a lesson on "System Thinking" was held by the ad hoc Urbact Exper Raffaella Lioce and the meeting with the Municipality of Esplugues de Llobregat with the experience of the Playful Paradigm First edition. In the evening everyone at the Balloon Festival where Playful Paradigm II was present with the local Ludo-bus and lots of games for children and families and the testimony on stage of the boys of the Igualada schools and their idea of a playful city.


On the third day, with the visit to Barcelona, ​​the cycle of meetings ended. The city planning councilors of the Catalan city and some local experts illustrated the actions that the municipality has undertaken and planned to improve the livability of citizens, taking into account the recognized concept of play and the fair gender approach in the redesign.


According to all the participants, this transnational meeting was really rich in both practical and human experiences and certainly created a positive feeling among all the Partners who will met in September in Lousa, Portugal for the 5th transnational meeting.



Watch the video resume of the meeting here